May 19th - Sudbury Indoor Tennis Club

Boys Singles

1st place - Kurt Templemans-Plat (North Bay - E.S.Odyssee) won 10-7
2nd Place - Stephan Houle (Macdonald Cartier)
3rd Place - Akshay Varghese (Lo-Ellen Park)
4th Place - Andrew Tessier (WC Eaket - Blind River)

Girls Singles

1st Place - Sally Ross (Lockerby) won 10-1
2nd Place - Claire Sauve (Lo-Ellen Park)
3rd Place - Amber Gagnon (WC Eaket - Blind River)
4th Place - Delaney Campbell (Manitoulin SS)

Boys Doubles

1st Place - Cameron Desjardins / Josh Harkins (Bishop A Carter) won 10-6
2nd Place - Connor Hill / Chris Hannon (Bishop A Carter)
3rd Place - Kenny Harrison / Donald Harrison (Cheppewa - North Bay)
4th Place - Mike Sidock / Dylan Irving (WC Eaket-Blind River)

Girls Doubles

1st Place - Natalie St. Laurent / Chloe Lacasse (Macdonald Cartier) won 10-4
2nd Place - Alex Eaton / Gennie Eaton (Lockerby)
3rd Place - Alexa Deverell / Julia Kluding (WC Eaket-Blind River)
4th Place - Deanna Riching / Emily Hudson (Manitoulin SS)

Mixed Doubles

1st Place - Gabriel Despatie / Karolyn Blain (Macdonald Cartier) won 10-3
2nd Place - Brigitte Gelinas / Josh Demore (Macdonald Cartier)
3rd Place - Jeff Delange / Jennifer Delange (Manitoulin SS)
4th Place - Gavin Lloyd / Taylor Bain (Manitoulin SS)

The NOSSA banner went to Macdonald Cartier for the best cumulative total of points.

All first and second place winners will be moving on to OFSAA on May 30-June 1st in Toronto at the Rexall Centre.

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