NOSSA Tennis Results

Boys’ Singles:

1st - Joel Lelievre (Sacre-Coeur)

2nd - Alex Slobodov (Bishop Alexander Carter)

3rd - David Hanninen (Manitoulin Secondary School)

4th - Andrew Jeffrey (Manitoulin Secondary School)

Girls’ Singles:

1st - Kandice Belanger (Marymount Academy)

2nd - Pam Chenard (St. Charles College)

3rd - Catherine Corbiere (Manitoulin Secondary School)

4th - Vanessa Stadnyk (Manitoulin Secondary School)

Boys’ Doubles:

1st - Calvin Coluch & Doug Ross (Lockerby)

2nd - Lucas Faganely & Cory Jerome (Lasalle)

3rd - Justin Mallette (Manitoulin Secondary School)

4th - Nick Fortino & David Wells (W.C.E.)

Girls’ Doubles:

1st - Amrita Gill & Sharleen Gill (Lockerby)

2nd - Jessica Keranen & Danielle Homer (Lively)

3rd - Kristen Laframboise (W.C.E.)

4th - Danielle Gagnon & Michelle Gagnon (Jeunesse Nord)

Mixed Doubles:

1st - Josh Gelinas & Justine Gelinas (Lockerby)

2nd - Steven Taylor & Jenna Beauchesne (Lasalle)

3rd - Mike Stanford & Amy Williams (LoEllen)

4th - Colin Jeffrey & Jasmine Roach (Manitoulin Secondary School)

Overall School Standings:

1st - Lockerby (15 Points)

2nd - Manitoulin Secondary School (9 Points)

3rd - Lasalle (6 Points)

4th - Marymount Academy (5 Points)

4th - Sacre-Coeur (5 Points)

6th - Bishop Alexander Carter (3 Points)

6th- Lively (3 Points)

6th - St. Charles College (3 Points)

6th - W.C.E. (3 Points)

10th - LoEllen (2 Points)

11th - Jeunesse Nord (1 Point)

**Congratulations to Lockerby Composite for winning the NOSSA banner.

**I picked up a digital camera that was left behind. If it is yours, please contact me either at work (674-4231) or at home (674-0874). I will be out of town until the weekend, so possibly Monday, we could make arrangements to have it picked up.

Thanks to everyone for all of your help and once again, please congratulate your athletes on my behalf!


Dan Bartolucci