The following motions were considered at the N.O.S.S.A. Annual Meeting held on Friday, April 30th in Blind River.




1.  Reference: Girls’ Volleyball Playing Regulations, Rules & Officials, Section 9


Subsection (f) now reads:  "All matches in pool, consolation, quarter finals and bronze medal play, shall be two (2) out of three (3) sets.  Championship semi-finals and finals shall be three (3) out of five (5)  sets."


Change to read  either "All matches in pool, consolation and quarter finals, shall be two (2) out of three (3) sets. Championship semi-finals, finals and bronze medal games shall be three (3) out of five (5) sets."


Or, "All matches, including semi finals, bronze medal game and finals, shall be two (2) out of three (3) sets."


Lynn MacLean (Champlain) -  Ed Millard                                         Action: CARRIED


Rationale:  To make the semi final and final rounds consistent.




1.   Officers and Duties

Reference: Article IV, Section 2, d), (a), (b)


(a) Add: Alternate election year with CBA Rep.

(b).Add: Alternate election year with CGA Rep.


Cynthia Sutton (Sir James Dunn) – Bob Gawalko (Sec/Treasurer)         Action: CARRIED


Rationale:  I was asked to write this motion from the NOSSA 2003 meeting.  It takes a few years to fully understand the workings and operation of OFSAA Committees for Girls and Boys Activities. If the elections are held in alternate years a new Rep will have the experience of the other Rep to help with the new position. 






2.         School Classifications

Reference:  Article VII, Section 7, Pages 9 and 10

BIRT in Article VII, Section 7: School Classifications be deleted and that the new Section 7

read as follows:


a)      All schools within NOSSA shall be classified according to school population numbers (taken as full time equivalent enrolment numbers – FTE numbers) from Oct 31st of the previous school year.  This number shall be used to classify the member schools.  These classification category numbers are:

“A”        1 – 600

“AA”     601 – 950

“AAA”  951+


b)      To determine classification of all-male or all-female schools (public or private), they shall

multiply their enrolment by 2 and then use this number as its classification.


       The following Additional Guidelines may be used by the Association when classifying schools.

       These may be used for each school as a whole and by sport after Association has place a school in

        its classification category outline in a).


i)      Location of School

-         The location of a school could allow an Association to shift the classification of the school in either direction.  For example, a large school in an isolated area may be moved to a lower classification category.

-         consideration of urban vs. rural advantages and disadvantages


ii)                   School Composition

-         Program focus may require a shift of a school from one classification to another (i.e. collegiate

       vs. composite).

-         Schools with a residential component have definite benefits and may warrant a shift to a higher

      classification category.

-         High performance sport schools should be considered for a shift to a higher classification



iii)                 Team Composition

-         Any of the following may create a shift of a school in a specific sport to a higher classification

category: majority of team playing in outside league, Provincial team players, National team



iv)                 Competition

-         Consideration should be given to shifting teams to a higher classification category if the team

plays out-of-season, or plays an exceptional number of games.

-         School teams playing in two leagues at the same time should be shifted to a higher category.



v)                  OFSAA Success

-         Regular medallists at any level of OFSAA competition should be shifted to a higher

classification category.


vi)                 General

-         The Association may only shift a school one level below what their student population

numbers designate.

-         Schools may be shifted up any number of classifications if several of the above guidelines

apply to a specific school or to a specific sport within a school.

-         a school may participate in only one school classification of competition in any one sport during

a school year.


vii)               Appeal process

-         An appeal process shall be in place which allows schools to appeal the placement of their

      school/team in a specific classification by the Association to the OFSAA Classification

      Committee.  The appeal must come through the Association and shall include an outline of the

      rationale for the Association’s decision, and the school’s rationale for their appeal. Appeals

      must be resolved by May 15th of the current school year so as to be effective for the next

      school year.


Tim Lowe (Algonquin) – Lorie Tremblay (Algonquin)                                   Action: CARRIED


Rationale: To follow the same criteria as OFSAA constitution with regards to classification.


3.      Duties of Convenors

Reference: Article VIII, Section 3, a) & b) Page 12, OFSAA Championships


BIRT Article VIII, Section 3, a) & b) under OFSAA Championships be deleted.


Tim Lowe (Algonquin) – Lorie Tremblay (Algonquin)                             Action: CARRIED


Rationale:  It has become irrelevant


4.      Expenses for the Annual Meeting

Reference: Article IX, Section 5, Page 13


BIRT in Article IX, Section 5, Expenses for Annual Meeting in

b)  Expenses will be paid at the following rates:

i)                    Transportation

WITHIN NOSSA – 23 cents per return km …… be changed to read:

Within NOSSA – 30 cents per return km.”


Tim Lowe (Algonquin) – Lorie Tremblay (Algonquin)                                   Action: CARRIED

Rationale:  To reflect the rising cost of fuel in the North.  (This is the same as OFSAA Board and Committee members)

5.      Age Divisions

Reference: Article VII, Section 6, b), Page 9


       NOSSA to adopt a two year Junior Age division (16 & under) for all sports except

     Track and Field and X-Country.


 Clyde Sheppard, Bob Pilon                                                    ACTION: DEFEATED


      Rationale:  Many other regions have adopted this age classification.  This discrepancy is evident

      at invitational tournaments particularly in basketball and volleyball.


      The existing age divisions at NOSSA are causing a number of our athletes to “walk the hall”

      in grade 11.  Once they sit out of a team sport they do not get back in.  In individual sports we

      found a heavy concentration in the senior division and a light concentration in junior.


      Top athletes in team and individual sports go senior as soon as possible since senior is the only

      venue to OFSAA.  The slow maturing athlete (physical) is out of athletics too soon and has little

      incentive to stay with athletics.


      Many of our athletes are staying for five years and getting the “heart of education”.  One year of

      midget, one year of junior and “3” years of senior is not balanced.


      Midget sports are organized to get the athlete hooked. Junior had 2 years of competition to earn

      rights and pay dues, and should not be a reap of midget results.


6.      AD HOC COMMITTEE – School Classification


BIRT an ad hoc committee be formed to review school classifications for the purpose of NOSSA competition.


And be it further resolved that this committee meet during the 2004-2005 season with its membership formed by this Association. The committee will be comprised of 4 to 6 people representing all 4 districts.


Denis Gauthier (Lasalle), Lorie Tremblay (Algonquin)                ACTION:  CARRIED















1.    Badminton

        Reference:  Judges, Page 2

         Delete:  “The NOSSA Convenor shall designate a service judge for each locale to deal with

         problems arising from illegal serves.”


         Add:  The NOSSA Badminton convenor will have a pre-competition meeting with all

                   coaches to go over:            a) Lets

                                                            b) Choose a Referee-in-chief and a referee per site from those                                                       in attendance at the competition (or designate them in the

                                                                 NOSSA package)

                                                            c) Review uniform regulations

                                                            d) Discuss post season meeting that will take place after

                                                                the NOSSA awards presentation.


Bob Pilon, Peter Hocking                                                                   ACTION: CARRIED


2.  Track and Field

     Reference:  Awards, Page 30


Change first sentence to read: “The top individual in each event (including relays) will receive the NOSSA medallion, and ribbons will be given to the second through eighth places, inclusive.” Delete second sentence.  Rest of paragraph remains unchanged.


            Irene Bisson (ESMC) – Karin Augenstein (LCS)                    Action: CARRIED

Rationale:         Coincides with OFSAA.


3.  Track and Field

     Reference:  Field Event Schedule, Page 35


That the Girls’ Open Pole Vault event be changed to read “Girls’ Junior” and “Girls Senior” pole vault. 


            Luc Giroux (CND) – Dave Makela (EMC)                            Action: CARRIED

             Rationale:   Coincides with OFSAA.










4.       Track and Field

        Reference: General, 7 a), 8d), height of sprint hurdles. 1500 Open Girls’ Steeplechase


Whereas, OFSAA has altered the height of sprint hurdles, the weight implements of discus, shot, and javelin and the addition of 1500m Open Girls’ Steeplechase.


BIRT NOSSA adopt the changes as per OFSAA report to NOSSA Delegates

(see below)


                                Page 27 –  Shot Put – 4 kg - Midget Boys, Junior Boys, All Girls’ Events

                                                                      5.443 kg - Senior Boys


                                                  Discus – 1kg – Midget Boys, Junior Boys, All Girls’ Events

                                                              1.61 kg – Senior Boys


                                                Javelin -  600 g – Midget Boys, Junior Boys, All Girls’ Events

                                                                800 g – Senior Boys


                                Page 32 – Track Event Schedule


                                                1500m Open Girls Steeplechase  - barrier will be 30”.

Sprint Hurdles  -  the Senior Boys’ height will go from 39” to 36”,

                                                                           -  the Junior Boys’ distance will go from 110 to 100 metres.


                                Page 35 – Field Event Schedule  Event 83 – Midget, Junior Senior Pole Vault


                                The Track Referee will not have the right to overturn the starter’s decisions with regard to false starts.


Tim Lowe (Algonquin) Dave Makela (Sudbury)                     Action: CARRIED


5.      Track and Field

      Reference:  Track and Field Awards, Page 31


      BIRT the un-named NOSSA Boys’ and Girls’ Aggregate Trophy be named the

      Bill Colcock Trophy.


      Bev Holmes (Bawating) Michel Chartrand (Algonquin)   Action: TABLED to 2005


Rationale: Bill started cross-country running and coached distance track and field events for 40 years.  He donated many trophies anonymously and would never permit one to be named after him and suggested this be done now.












1.      Boys’ Basketball

Reference:  Boys A, AA, AAA and Midget – Series


Revise to read:  "Teams from North Bay, North Shore, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury must confirm their school classification for the NOSSA Championship to the tournament convenor at least one week before the District playoffs.


 Denis Gauthier (LAS), Mitch Lalonde (LAS)                                     Action: CARRIED


Rationale:  Makes the task of seeding much easier for the convenor if he knows who has intentions to come to the NOSSA championship. Also, it puts everyone on a level playing field.


2.        Boys’ Basketball

Reference: AA Schedule Format, Page 5


That the 'AA' NOSSA basketball championships revert back to the 2003-04 format.


John Basto (LCS) – Denis Gauthier (LAS)                             Action: CARRIED

Rationale:  This years format was simply not fair in regards the amount of games played in one

                  day per team.





3.       Boys’ Basketball

Reference: Boys Midget Basketball   "Series" - add #6:    


In the event that there are only three entries into the tournament, a round robin competition will be played to decide the two teams that will compete in the championship game.  In the event of a three-way tie after the round robin competition, the two teams with the best "points for and against" record will advance to the championship game.  If there is a tie for the second entry into the championship game, the team who was victorious in the head to head competition will advance.  All games shall be scheduled for a one day competition."


Jean Duffus (CVDCS) - Robert McIlvenna (CVDCS)                        Action: CARRIED



4.    Boys’ Basketball “A”

          Rotation List for Midget "A" Boys Basketball:


Whereas, the North Shore and Sudbury Districts are the only two districts to have entries in the "A" Division and the Sudbury District has hosted this tournament for the last two years,

Be it resolved that, the North Shore District host the NOSSA "A" Midget      Boys' Basketball Tournament in the 2004-05 school year and that the          hosting of NOSSA "A" Boys' Midget Basketball Tournament then alternate between the Sudbury and North Shore Districts thereafter on the 4 Year Calendar.


Bob Ryan - Duncan MacKenzie (CASS)                                              Action: CARRIED


5.    Boys’  Basketball “A”

            Team Championships:

Whereas, sometimes there are two teams from one District who want to compete for a NOSSA Championship and no teams from any other district,

Be it resolved that, on the occasion when there are two teams from one District who want to compete for a NOSSA championship and no teams from any other district, these two teams be permitted to compete in a single head to head competition for the NOSSA Championship.  All costs will be incurred by the teams involved in the competition.  The District involved

will decide upon which team will host the game.


Duncan Mackenzie (CASS) - John Rimore                             Action: CARRIED


6.  Football

     Reference: Series, Page 8


That the Sudbury District be included in the NOSSA Football schedule and further that Sudbury be included in the schedule rotation beginning in the Fall of 2004.


Kevin Ellsworth (CON) – Rob Zanatta (SCC)                       Action: CARRIED



2004 NOSSA Football Proposal


2004    Sudbury           at         Sault                 Bye      North Bay

2005    Sudbury           at         North Bay        Bye      Sault

2006    North Bay        at         Sault                 Bye      Sudbury

2007    Sault                 at         Sudbury           Bye      North Bay

2008    North Bay        at         Sudbury           Bye      Sault

2009    Sault                 at         North Bay        Bye      Sudbury



Sault travelled in 2003 and our Boards budgets for every second year to travel

North Bay hosted 2003 and are prepared to travel to NOSSA.

Sudbury is new and we would expect them to travel before they host.

Within this rotation no team would travel twice in one year.


7.       FOOTBALL

Reference: Series, Page 8


BIRT the NOSSA Final Game be held on the Saturday one week before the Central Bowl.


Barry Rushon (White Pines), Richard Lachance (Northern)                    Action:  CARRIED




Elections:  Robin Shamas (Sir James Dunn) - Secretary-Treasurer.

                  Laura Aubertin (Confederation) – OFSAA rep to Committee for Girls’ Activities


1.  Girls’ Basketball

     Reference: AAA Junior/Senior Tournament format, page 7


That the “AAA” NOSSA Girls Basketball format return to a single elimination tournament, where first place plays fourth place and second place plays third place.  The winners of both games would then play for the NOSSA Championship and the losers of both games would then play for the consolation championship.


Jenn Bourget (LAS) – Mary Collinson (LAS)                                     Action: DEFEATED


2.  Girls’ Basketball  (Tabled from 2003)

     Reference:  Junior/Senior “AAA” Basketball, Tournament Schedule and Format, Page 7


     The N.O.S.S.A. structure for Junior and Senior Girls’ “AAA” Basketball return to a single

     elimination format.  This format would consist of two semi-final games and one championship

     game for each division.


a)      The current format creates situations where teams may play unbalanced schedules.  For

example, two teams may play two games on Friday night and only one game on Saturday versus the other teams that play one game on Friday night and two games on Saturday.


b)      A team’s regular season has no bearing on the seeding for the championship with the current 

            format.  As a result, two teams could play each other in their first round game and then have to

            turn around less than twenty-four hours later and play again to determine the NOSSA



Jen Bourget (LSS) - Ron Poulin (ESMC)                                                  Action: DEFEATED


3.  Girls’ Basketball  “AAA”

      Reference: Page 7 After ‘at the convenor’s discretion, Games 1 and 2 may be reversed.


      Add: It is strongly suggested the teams play a balanced schedule of two games Friday and the

               Championship game be played Saturday.


    Millie WoodColton (Lasalle)                                                             Action:  CARRIED


4.  Girls’ Hockey

     Reference: Rules and Officials, e), Page 26

     Section (f) - change length of period to read “three (3) 13-minute stop time periods”


Peter DeMarco (LCS) – Michele Albert (CND)                                  Action: CARRIED

Rationale:         In the event of a single game championship, visiting teams are incurring the expense of traveling on top of entry fee.  A longer game will make the expense a little more justified.


5.  Girls’ Hockey

     Reference: Rules and Officials, Page 26


Section (i) - overtime

Change first sentence to read:  “In the event of a tie game at the end of regulation time in playoffs, the CHA method for overtime will apply.  If the ice time is not available to play overtime, then the following procedure will be used ... “


            Peter DeMarco (LCS) – Michele Albert (CND)                                  Action: CARRIED

Rationale:         Sufficient ice time for the championship should be booked such that overtime may be decided at full strength in a game situation rather than a shoot-out.  This was

           deemed to be the more effective


6. CGA Representative

BIRT NOSSA Girls’ committee accept that the new CGA rep. for 2004-06 accompany

the 2004 CGA to the OFSAA June Assembly and the costs incurred be covered by


Lori Tremblay (Algonquin), John Wilson (St. Joseph-Scollard Hall)       CARRIED